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About Clinton Wasylishen

Clinton Wasylishen

Clinton Wasylishen is a health and fitness advocate based in Alberta, Canada

Clinton’s background includes personal training, group fitness training, and more recently as a CHEK Holistic practitioner.

Having started out as a corporate IT guru, Wasylishen found himself overweight and all the way out of shape in around 2000, when he and some friends entered a local foot race named “Beat Beethoven”.  That 8k road race was the race that changed everything for him – having taken nearly an hour to complete, and NOT beating Beethoven, he set out to set things right.

Since then, Clinton has completed three Ironman distance triathlons, over a dozen marathons, and countless shorter running races, triathlons, and other challenging athletic events.

This website was developed to share a bit of what he has learned over the last decade – and he is committed to learning and sharing.

His dream is to help thousands of people improve their lives through fitness and nutrition training… and this blog exists for that express purpose.

So please – enjoy the articles, and feel free to comment.  Community is key – and your comments are as important as any.

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